How to save mobile phone battery?

How to save mobile phone battery? 3

How to save mobile phone battery? It is one of important questions from smartphones users. People hate to be out of battery when having an important conversation and the “beep” notification sound would turn us in a bad mood. But, there are tricks to avoid low battery and 15 effective ways to save from draining your mobile phone battery.

? Turn off Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
? Switch off the vibrate function
? Set the ring tone volume as low
? Avoid to use torch and flash
? Reduce the screen brightness
? Close apps when they are not in use
? Avoid using games and videos
? Avoid free applications with lots of advertising banners
? Do not leave your phone in direct sun
? Avoid animated backgrounds
? Avoid white/bright screen
? Avid slow internet connection or low coverage
? Do not let phone run out of battery
? Turn off notifications and syncing
? Update apps regularly

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