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At Greenware Mobile, you can connect seamlessly with advanced adapters.

Enhance your connectivity with our superior range of adapters at Greenware Mobile, designed to ensure seamless integration of your devices in today’s digital world. From wireless solutions to essential converters, we provide high-quality adapters that cater to all your connectivity needs.

The D-Link Wireless N300 Nano USB Adapter (DWA-131) is available for purchase.

Discover the freedom of wireless connectivity with the D-Link Wireless N300 Nano USB Adapter (DWA-131). This compact USB adapter enables you to connect your desktop or notebook computer to a wireless network at up to 300 Mbps. Ideal for seamless web browsing, voice streaming, and online gaming, it delivers a reliable wireless connection with advanced WPA2 encryption for security.

VGA-to-HDMI Converter

Bridge the gap between analogue and digital technology with our VGA to HDMI Converter. This essential tool converts analogue VGA signals into digital HDMI outputs, allowing you to connect older laptops or desktops to modern displays. It supports resolutions up to 1080p, ensuring crisp and clear visuals. Perfect for presentations, movies, and gaming, this converter revitalises your older equipment with new life.

Type C to HDMI 3-in-1 Adapter

Maximise your device’s potential with the Type C to HDMI 3-in-1 Adapter. This versatile adapter not only extends your USB-C device to an HDMI display but also includes additional USB 3.0 and USB-C charging ports. It’s perfect for multitasking, whether you’re in a meeting or working from home, ensuring that you can charge your device while simultaneously displaying videos or extending your workspace.

At Greenware Mobile, we understand the importance of efficient, reliable connections. We meticulously test our adapters to meet rigorous quality standards, ensuring they not only meet but exceed our customers’ performance expectations. Explore our extensive range of adapters and experience uncompromised connectivity that keeps you ahead in a digitally connected world.