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Find the Ultimate clarity with USAN 4K HDMI cables.

Elevate your viewing experience with USAN 4K HDMI cables, available exclusively at Greenware Mobile. We design our premium HDMI cables to deliver exceptional picture quality and sound across a range of lengths to meet your specific needs.


Perfect for complex setups and larger spaces, the USAN 4K 5M HDMI Cable ensures you enjoy flawless 4K resolution without any compromise. Whether you’re setting up a home theatre or connecting multiple devices, this 5-metre cable provides the flexibility and performance you need.


With the USAN 4K 3M HDMI Cable, you can optimise your entertainment system. Ideal for connecting to nearby devices, this 3-metre cable supports all the latest standards for 4K video and ensures you get the high-definition audio and video quality you expect, right in your living room.

USAN 4K 1.5M HDMI Cable

For closer connections and smaller spaces, the USAN 4K 1.5M HDMI Cable offers a compact solution without sacrificing quality. Connect your gaming console or Blu-ray player directly to your TV and enjoy instant 4K quality with no lag or distortion.

At Greenware Mobile, we understand the importance of high-quality, reliable connections. We rigorously test our HDMI cables to ensure they meet the highest standards of performance and durability. Browse our selection today and find the perfect cable for your needs. Experience the true potential of your electronic devices with USAN 4K HDMI cables—clarity and performance right at your fingertips!