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Greenware Mobile offers D-Link Gigabit Switches to supercharge your network.

Enhance the efficiency and speed of your network with our selection of D-Link Gigabit Switches at Greenware Mobile. Designed for a variety of needs, from small home offices to larger enterprise environments, these switches provide reliable, high-speed network connections with easy management features.

D-Link Gigabit Desktop Switches: Performance and Reliability

D-Link 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch DES-1008C Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses or home setups, the D-Link DES-1008C offers eight ports of high-speed Gigabit connectivity. This switch enables you to handle large file transfers and heavy network traffic easily, ensuring smooth and efficient operations without any network congestion.

Dlink 5-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch (DGS-105) Ideal for users who need a compact yet powerful network tool, the D-Link DGS-105 provides five ports for fast Gigabit speeds. Its durable metal casing ensures it can withstand the rigours of daily use, making it a dependable choice for anyone needing a high-performance network in a small space.

D-Link DGS 24-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch For businesses that require more ports and expanded capacity, the D-Link DGS 24-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch is the ultimate solution. It supports a high number of simultaneous connections, making it perfect for server farms or busy office environments where high traffic is common.

The D-Link DGS 16-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch The D-Link DGS 16-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch offers a perfect balance between capacity and size. It is ideal for medium-sized networks that need to maintain high data transfer speeds and reliability without the complexity of managing a larger switch.

Why choose Greenware Mobile’s D-Link switches?

  • High-Speed Networking: All switches support Gigabit speeds, facilitating fast data transfer and minimising transfer times across the network.
  • Easy Setup and Management: Designed for plug-and-play installation, these switches require minimal configuration, making them accessible even to those with limited networking experience.
  • Energy Efficient: Equipped with energy-saving features, our switches reduce power consumption without sacrificing performance, helping you save on energy costs while being eco-friendly.
  • Robust Design: Constructed with durability in mind, D-Link switches can withstand the demands of continuous operation.

Upgrade your network’s capabilities with D-Link Gigabit Switches from Greenware Mobile. Whether you’re looking to connect multiple devices, manage heavy network traffic, or expand your network’s reach, our switches provide the reliability and performance you need to keep everything running smoothly.