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Are you finding that your phone’s battery drains too quickly? Samsung phones are well-known for their impressive battery life. In this blog, we dive into how these devices keep you powered up longer, comparing models and sharing tips to get the most out of your phone’s battery.

Keep reading to uncover the secrets to lasting power—it might just change how you use your phone.

Key Takeaways

  • Samsung phones offer a range of battery life options, with models like the Galaxy S24 Ultra leading the way due to their large battery capacities.
  • Screen brightness, internet and video usage, and gaming all have a significant impact on how quickly a phone’s battery drains.
  • Mid-range Samsung phones like the Galaxy M32 provide impressive battery life at an affordable price, making them great for everyday use.
  • Refurbished Samsung phones can still deliver excellent battery performance, with reputable sellers ensuring they meet high standards.
  • Using features like fast charging and wireless power sharing can help you manage power more effectively across different Samsung devices.

Understanding Phone Battery Life

A person checking their phone battery percentage in a park.

Understanding how long your phone battery lasts is crucial. It’s all about the mAh number and how you use your phone every day.

Definition of mAh

mAh stands for milliampere-hour and measures a battery’s energy capacity. It’s like telling us how much fuel a phone’s battery can hold. A higher mAh rating means the battery can store more energy, so it should last longer before needing a recharge.

This is why checking the mAh value gives you an idea of how long your Samsung smartphone might work on a single charge.

Every Samsung phone model comes with its own mAh rating, impacting how long the device can run between charges. For instance, models like the Galaxy S23 Ultra or Galaxy S22 Ultra have high mAh values, allowing them to offer better battery life compared to others with lower ratings.

Knowing this helps users choose a phone that won’t leave them searching for power outlets too frequently during their day.

Factors Affecting Battery Life

The life of a phone’s battery can change depending on several factors. Here’s why the same phone might last longer one day and need charging more quickly on another.

  1. Milliampere hour (mAh) indicates the battery’s capacity; a higher mAh means the battery can store more energy, leading to longer use between charges. Samsung phones with larger batteries often outlast their counterparts.
  2. Internet usage eats into battery life. Whether you’re browsing over Wi-Fi or streaming via LTE, both activities demand power from your phone’s battery.
  3. Watching videos online is a major power user. Streaming high-definition content from sites like YouTube can drain your battery much faster than reading an article or scrolling through social media.
  4. Listening to music or podcasts for hours will also draw from your phone’s energy reserves, although this usually consumes less power compared to video playback.
  5. High screen brightness contributes significantly to faster battery depletion. Keeping the brightness level lower can extend your phone’s battery life.
  6. Regular use of the camera, especially for capturing high-quality photos and recording 8K videos, demands a lot of power and reduces battery longevity.
  7. Wireless charging and fast charging features provide convenience but also play roles in how we perceive and manage our device’s battery life over time.

With these variables in mind, let’s move on to explore how Samsung phone batteries perform under review, shedding light on which models keep you mobile the longest without needing a recharge.

Internet Usage (Wi-Fi/LTE)

Moving from general factors, internet usage heavily impacts battery life on Samsung phones. Whether you’re scrolling through social media, streaming videos, or downloading files, both Wi-Fi and LTE connections draw significant power.

Strategy Analytics’ assessment highlights that heavy internet use can shorten a device’s charge duration. Especially with features like adaptive refresh rate and high-resolution displays found in models such as the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra, browsing over wireless networks intensifies energy consumption.

Samsung smartphones efficiently manage these demands, but your network environment and the frequency of your online data access determine how much battery drain occurs.

Devices with OLED displays and advanced connectivity options, such as 5G, exacerbate this effect by requiring more power to maintain fast speeds and vivid visuals during internet tasks.

Observing these usage patterns helps understand why some users experience quicker battery depletion than others under similar conditions.

Video Playback (streamed)

Watching videos online uses a lot of your phone’s battery. The screen brightness, size, resolution, and how often the image refreshes all play big roles in how quickly your battery goes down.

We tested Samsung devices to determine their battery life during video playback. Strategy Analytics conducted these tests. They showed that not every Samsung phone uses the same amount of power for watching videos.

Using high-quality settings, like 8K, causes the battery to drain faster. This is especially true if you are also recording videos or taking lots of photos with your phone camera. Remember, things like Wi-Fi strength and which apps you use can also affect how long your battery lasts.

Your real experience may vary because many factors come into play when streaming videos on Samsung phones.

Audio Playback

Listening to music or podcasts on your Samsung phone uses less battery than many other activities. The efficient use of power allows you to enjoy hours of audio entertainment without worrying about a quick drain on your battery life.

Samsung designs their smartphones with optimisation in mind, ensuring that the impact on your battery is minimal whether you’re streaming through Wi-Fi or using downloaded content.

Modern Samsung devices come equipped with features like an Always-On Display and adaptive sound settings. These enhance your listening experience without significantly affecting battery consumption.

This allows users to spend more time enjoying content and less time tethered to a charger.

Screen Brightness

After considering how audio playback impacts battery life, it’s crucial to turn our attention to screen brightness. Keeping your phone’s screen bright uses a lot of power. If you set the brightness high, your battery drains much faster.

This is because more energy is required to light up the screen.

Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S23 or Galaxy A53 come with super-aMOLED displays that are dazzling but can consume a lot of battery if not managed properly. Lowering the screen brightness or using adaptive brightness settings can help save power.

This simple change makes a big difference in extending your phone’s battery life throughout the day. It ensures that your device only uses as much light as needed, based on the surrounding conditions.

Camera Usage

Using your phone’s camera for high-quality photos and 8K videos can quickly drain its battery. This happens because capturing detailed images and high-resolution videos requires a lot of power.

If you love taking selfies or filming, it’s wise to check both the camera quality and battery life before choosing a new smartphone.

Many Samsung phones offer excellent cameras that are tempting to use all day. Yet, frequent use for photo shoots or recording videos will have you reaching for the charger sooner than expected.

For avid photographers and videographers who rely on their smartphones, monitoring battery consumption is crucial.

Samsung Phone Battery Performance Review

A person using a Samsung phone to capture cityscapes and people.

Our analysis sheds light on the standout performers in Samsung’s line-up, offering insights into which models keep you powered longer. Keep reading to discover your next long-lasting companion.

The Best Samsung Phones for Battery Life

Samsung phones have become a top choice for users seeking long battery life. Their models range from high-end to budget-friendly options, all boasting impressive hours of usage.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

  • The device leads the pack with its large-capacity battery.
  • The device supports fast charging and wireless power sharing.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

  • This product offers extended battery life, making it suitable for heavy smartphone users.
  • It comes with power-saving modes to increase battery longevity.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

  • The company is known for balancing high performance with efficient power use.
  • Its adaptive refresh rate feature saves energy during less demanding tasks.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

  • The product delivers reliable battery performance even with QHD+ resolution.
  • The device intelligently adjusts power usage based on your activity.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

  • Despite its compact form factor, it manages an average battery life of 8 hours and 16 minutes.
  • Flex mode, for example, uses the screen smartly to conserve energy.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

  • It stands out in the mid-range category with an average battery life of 9 hours and 2 minutes.
  • Enhancements in One UI help optimise consumption for a day’s use.

Samsung Galaxy A34

  • This product offers a good balance between performance and power efficiency at a lower price point.
  • This product is ideal for users looking for durability without the premium cost.

Samsung Galaxy F62

  • Boasts one of the biggest batteries in smartphones, perfect for extensive use without frequent charging.
  • It also supports reverse charging to power up other devices on the go.

Each Samsung phone listed here meets various user needs, from gaming to streaming video content, without sacrificing battery life. Whether you prefer high performance or are more budget-conscious, Samsung offers options that ensure your phone keeps up with your lifestyle.


Samsung phones are changing the game with their battery life. They’ve mastered long-lasting power across various models, from high-end to mid-range. Whether you’re into gaming, photography, or just needing your phone to last all day, there’s a Samsung device ready to meet those needs.

With features like fast charging and wireless power sharing, staying powered up has never been easier. Choose Samsung for a reliable battery that keeps pace with your life.

For those interested in mobile gaming and curious which Samsung models excel in this area, check out our comprehensive guide on the best Samsung phones for gaming.


Got questions about Samsung phones and their battery lives? You’re in the right place. This section clears up common queries, making your next phone choice easier.

Playing mobile games and streaming videos do indeed drain your Samsung phone's battery quicker. These activities push the device to use more power. For gaming, the phone processes complex graphics and responds to touch inputs rapidly.

Watching videos, especially in high definition or streaming over LTE or WiFi, requires a lot of energy. Both of these actions keep the screen on for extended periods, contributing further to battery depletion.

Large mAh Samsung phones can last longer for such demanding tasks, but they are not immune to the rapid battery drain these activities cause. Screen brightness also plays an important role—higher brightness levels during gaming or video playback will consume more power.

As a result, managing screen settings can help slightly mitigate rapid battery reduction, but it will not completely counteract the high demand from these intense uses.

Moving from the impact of gaming and video streaming on battery life, it's relevant to consider how refurbished Samsung phones hold up in terms of power. Refurbished Samsung phones generally offer good battery life.

This varies depending on the model and its condition when refurbished. Factors such as usage patterns, the phone’s age, ambient temperature, and original battery capacity play vital roles.

Samsung models, renowned for their bigger batteries and fast charging, appeal to gamers and photography enthusiasts, ensuring longer usage times. These devices' Qualcomm chipset further optimizes power consumption by efficiently managing refresh rates.

Thus, choosing a refurbished Samsung phone could still mean enjoying substantial battery performance across various activities.

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