Morich Water Geyser, 15L

  • Model Precision: Morich Super C 15.
  • Optimal Power: 1500 Watts.
  • Voltage Compatibility: 220V / 50Hz.
  • Compact Size: Dimensions 445×435×380 mm.
  • Lightweight: Net weight 7.8 kg.
  • Robust Design: Durable glass and plastic frame.

Morich Water Geyser 15L Price in Sri Lanka

Explore the advanced features and competitive pricing of the Morich Water Geyser 15L, specifically designed to meet the hot water needs of modern Sri Lankan homes and businesses with efficiency and reliability.

Specifications and Build Quality of the Morich Water Geyser 15L

  • Voltage: 220V ~ / 50Hz
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Weight: 10.3 kg gross, 7.8 kg net
  • Dimensions: 445×435×380 mm

Constructed for longevity and performance, the Morich Super C 15 features robust components and a compact design, making it an excellent addition to any modern home or commercial setting. Its optimal size and weight allow for installation in various locations without requiring extensive space.

Performance and Energy Efficiency

Equipped with a 1500-watt heating element, the Morich Water Geyser 15L heats water efficiently, ensuring that hot water is available when needed without excessive energy consumption. This makes it both cost-effective and environmentally friendly, aligning with the needs of energy-conscious consumers.

Installation and Maintenance

The straightforward design of the Morich Water Geyser 15L allows for easy installation, making it possible for homeowners to set up the unit with minimal technical assistance. The model’s accessible components simplify regular maintenance, ensuring hassle-free servicing.

Pricing and Availability in Sri Lanka

This model is available throughout Sri Lanka at competitive rates. Its affordability ensures that quality water heating solutions are accessible to a wide range of customers, from individual homeowners to large-scale commercial establishments.

Why choose the Morich Water Geyser 15L?

  • Reliable Performance: A consistent hot water supply with 1500W power.
  • Cost-Effective: Energy-efficient operation reduces long-term costs.
  • Compact Design: Easy to install in various settings due to its optimal dimensions.
  • Robust Construction: Built to last, ensuring value for money.

In conclusion, the Morich Water Geyser 15L is an excellent choice for anyone in Sri Lanka looking for a reliable and efficient water heating solution. It combines high performance with affordability, making it a smart investment for both residential and commercial use. Whether upgrading from an older model or installing a new system, the Morich Water Geyser 15L meets all expectations with its superior design and functionality.

FAQs on Morich Water Geyser 15 Litre

The Morich Super C 15's robust construction includes a glass front and a durable plastic frame. Its IP53 rating for dust and splash resistance further ensures durability and safe operation in various environmental conditions.

Installation of the Morich Water Geyser 15L requires a suitable space with dimensions of at least 445×435×380 mm to accommodate the unit. For optimal performance, you need a 220V/50Hz electrical connection, and we recommend professional installation to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Yes, you can use the Morich Water Geyser 15L in both residential and commercial settings due to its versatility. Its capacity and efficient heating power make it suitable for businesses that require a reliable hot water supply, such as small hotels, restaurants, or office buildings.

Regular maintenance for the Morich Water Geyser 15L includes periodic checking of electrical connections, inspection for leaks, and descaling the water tank to prevent mineral buildup. To ensure optimal functioning and extend the lifespan of the geyser, we recommend consulting with a professional for annual maintenance.

Feature Details
Model Morich Super C 15
Voltage 220V ~ / 50Hz
Power 1500 Watts
Weight (Gross) 10.3 kg
Weight (Net) 7.8 kg
Packing Dimension 445×435×380 mm

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