Panasonic Alkaline AAA Battery 2 PCS

  • Alkaline AAA batteries
  • 1.5V voltage
  • Pack of 2 batteries
  • Size: Φ10.5 × 44.5 mm
  • Lightweight at 11g each
  • Long-lasting power

LKR.  150

Panasonic Alkaline AAA Battery 2 PCS Price in Sri Lanka

Ensure your devices stay powered with the reliable Panasonic Alkaline AAA Battery. The long-lasting performance of this 2-piece pack makes it an essential item for households and offices in Sri Lanka.

Key Features of the Panasonic Alkaline AAA Battery

Alkaline Technology

The Panasonic AAA batteries use advanced alkaline technology, providing a stable and long-lasting power source for your electronic devices.

Voltage and Size

With a voltage of 1.5V, these batteries are ideal for various low- and high-drain devices. The cell size is 10.5 × 44.5 mm, fitting standard AAA battery compartments.

Lightweight and Convenient

Each battery weighs just 11 grammes, ensuring they are lightweight and easy to handle. The pack of two provides a convenient supply for your essential devices.

Benefits of Panasonic Alkaline AAA Battery

Long-Lasting Power

The long-lasting power that Panasonic Alkaline AAA batteries provide ensures your devices run effectively for extended periods of time.

Wide Compatibility

These batteries are suitable for a wide range of devices, from remote controls and clocks to flashlights and toys, making them a versatile choice for any household.

Reliable Performance

Panasonic is known for its high-quality products, and these alkaline batteries are no exception. They offer reliable performance, ensuring your devices function smoothly.

Why choose Panasonic?

Competitive pricing in Sri Lanka

Panasonic offers competitive prices for their alkaline batteries, ensuring you get excellent value for money. The 2-PCS pack is affordable and provides a reliable power solution.

Positive customer reviews

Customers in Sri Lanka have praised Panasonic batteries for their longevity and reliability. These positive reviews reflect the brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Attractive Deals and Offers

Take advantage of special deals and offers on Panasonic batteries. Whether you are shopping online or in-store, you can find substantial discounts that make Panasonic an even more appealing choice.

How to Buy Panasonic Alkaline AAA Batteries Online

Purchasing Panasonic alkaline AAA batteries online is simple and convenient. Visit trusted e-commerce platforms and official Panasonic websites to explore various models and prices. Enjoy the benefits of comparing features, reading customer reviews, and making secure payments from the comfort of your home.

FAQs on Panasonic Alkaline AAA Batteries

The voltage of the Panasonic Alkaline AAA battery is 1.5V.

The dimensions of the Panasonic Alkaline AAA battery are Φ10.5 × 44.5 mm.

Each Panasonic Alkaline AAA battery weighs 11 grams.

The Panasonic Alkaline AAA pack includes 2 batteries.

You can purchase Panasonic Alkaline AAA batteries online from trusted e-commerce platforms like

Panasonic Alkaline AAA batteries offer long-lasting power, reliable performance, and competitive pricing, making them a great choice for your devices.


Invest in Panasonic Alkaline AAA Batteries and ensure your devices stay powered for longer. With their advanced technology, reliable performance, and affordable pricing, they are the perfect choice for your household needs in Sri Lanka. Make your purchase today and experience Panasonic’s quality.

Feature Details
Battery Type Alkaline AAA
Voltage (V) 1.5
Cell Size (mm) Φ10.5 × 44.5
Cell Weight (g) 11
Qty/Unit Pack 2
M3 0.004983
Depth (mm) 208
Width (mm) 247
Height (mm) 97

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