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JBL Go 2 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that connects wirelessly we are Bluetooth. It is a compact and tiny device that’s yet still capable of playing high-quality music to fulfill your desires to relax and enjoy your evening. This device can connect and stream your favorite playlist from any smartphone or tablet. This device has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that supports up to five hours of playtime. You could carry it anywhere you go and enjoy your favorite music out in the wilderness or indoors with friends and family on a cozy day. Despite its size this device is waterproof as it is protected with the IPX7 waterproof housing making it an ideal device to carry to the poolside or beaches anytime you wish to play outdoors.

In addition to all the music and fun, you can also enjoy conference calls over your speaker with the noise-free speakerphone that reduces any disturbances. All calls will be crystal clear and easy to hear by one or many at the same time. If you do not have Bluetooth you could always plug the audio cable into the speaker and enjoy the music as desired.

The JBL GO 2 has a 730 MAh capacity battery that takes up to 2.5 hours to charge and can work for up to five hours at a time. It only weighs 0.18 kilograms and fits perfectly well as the dimensions are just 2.8×3.38×1.24 inches.

It also has some special features such as 3.5MM audio cable input, auto power-off option, speakerphone, and Bluetooth in addition to the already mentioned waterproof option. Despite the size, weight, or dimensions the output is certainly the same as all the loudspeakers that are also available. This compact device is available in an array of colors that fits your collections or style. You can choose from ash grey, coral orange, slate Navy, blue, champagne, seafoam mint, black, red, ice cube cayan, Moss green lemonade yellow, or sunkissed cinnamon.

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