Harman Kardon Enchant Bar 1300


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Enchant 1300

The Enchant 1300 is an all-in-one 13 Channel Soundbar with Multibeam Surround Sound. Designed and built to quietly fit neatly around your television, this device can allow you to have one of the most outstanding hearing experiences that you could ask for. Mimicking an actual theatrical experience.  This sound system brings you surround sound that will make you feel exciting details of your TV programs. You will be able to enjoy all your music, games, movies, other TV shows, with surround sound that literally flies around your room. The surround sound experience would be so immersive that it might be quite difficult to understand if it were your TV all the actual environment!

You could also conveniently stream your favorite music in high definition from over 200 online services simply through Wi-Fi. The Google Chromecast built-in feature ensures that you will never fail to listen to your favorite music online at literal live contrast! It is notable that this device will also work with Google Home as it is designed to play music at a moment’s notice with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections remaining in place.

It also has a special feature the AMC – automatic multi-beam calibration, which calibrates the soundbar with the best surround sound audio effects that depends on your own room’s design and layout. You need not worry about the size or shape of your room as this device is capable of fitting in just like that. You could also use this soundbar as your central entertainment hub for all your 4K devices with the HDMI connection with HTC P 2.2 features. This feature simplifies your setup as all you need is 1 cable to connect to the TV. You could also experience the convenience of controlling multiple soundbar audio settings with just a press of a button through the preset controls.

General specifications

This device has a maximum audio power of 240 W and RMS power at 120 W. The standby power consumption of this device is less than 2W.

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